Here is a list of projects in which I have been involved, together with interesting pictures and links.

This page is under construction: watch for additions!

TAFTS Tropospheric Airborne Fourier Transform Spectrometer.

ATR Imaging Accessory  a tool for hyper-spectral imaging of "difficult" samples.

Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter FRRF II - a marine photosynthesis measurement instrument.

Spectral Line Strength Measurements - how to make optimal measurements of spectral line shapes under noisy conditions and how to correct for bias in your results.  Useful for anyone seeking to update an absorption feature database such as HITRAN using experimental data.

Weak Near-IR Absorption Features in Water Vapour - careful measurements which added many new absorption lines to the HITRAN database.

CCD Smear Reduction Algorithm - a novel method for removing blur in scientific CCD imagers where the image is present during the frame readout process.

Linear Motor / Flexure Mechanism - a precision linear low-wobble movement with integral actuator for moving optical components.