I am best described as a cross between a scientist and an engineer. I enjoy an environment where there is a chance to turn theoretical ideas into practical realisations, especially with an inter-disciplinary flavour. I also enjoy the challenge of extracting useful information from a noisy signal in an optimum manner, possibly using new algorithms and mathematical methods.

I am seeking a situation in which I can organise, manage, interact with and enthuse a group of engineers / scientists / technicians; I would like to be able to act as a technical lead and technical authority in such a group. I also enjoy acting in a technical consultancy role.

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I have both academic and industrial research and development experience:

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Light-aviation (PPL/ IMC), amateur radio (G4ZLZ), archery, wine-making, DIY, bread-baking, making PC systems with Linux, dogs, kayak building. Issues surrounding disability in children (especially speech, cerebral palsy), access to treatment and provision of services, educational support.