Here you will find information about my professional, amateur radio related and other activities, including details of some of my current and past projects.  I hope you find the information useful.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

About me

I am a half-Spanish, half-Scottish physicist, with a love of all things practical and applied. At an early age I became terminally infected by engineering and I am now a hybrid best described as a system engineer. The general opinion is that there is no hope of a cure!

I like to design things, ranging from entire systems through instruments to novel sensors, and I enjoy all aspects of signal acquisition and processing. I have applied these interests to diverse fields, including geological remote sensing, land-use / vegetation classification, marine sensing, bio-medical and laboratory instrumentation and even global warming research (and yes - it is real!)

Outside work I am interested in aviation (I have a lapsed PPL with IMC / Night rating), amateur radio (callsign G4ZLZ), archery (Woking Archery Club) and dogs.  I am also interested in all aspects of provision for diabled children, and I have campaigned actively on this topic.


"Nil Carborundum!"