I am Tony Canas, holder of callsign G4ZLZ.  Here you will find information about my amateur radio related activities, including details of some of my current and past projects.   Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

About me

I am physicist by training and I have always been interested in communications and radio.  I did not start amateur radio seriously until I attended university and came across the college club stations G5YC and G8EYC, both then located atop a 13-storey building in central London with excellent take-off in all directions.  I was able to sit the City and Guilds exams in the college and I was extremely fortunate to meet Simon (G4SGI) who (with extreme patience) coached me in CW. After a somewhat nervous CW test at the DTI, I gained my callsign.  It is sad to relate that the original club is no more - apparently amateur radio is no longer "interesting" to today's high technology / science students! 

I operate mostly as a mobile station due to pressure of work and a long commute!  I have 10m / 6m / 2m and 70cm capability as well as a separate APRS tracking system.  When not mobile, I like to experiment with antenna designs including folded dipoles, verticals and quads.

As well as amateur radio I have interests in aviation (lapsed PPL, with IMC and night ratings), archery and dogs.  I love to experiment and to build or make things, althouigh this leads to much frustration as I do not have a proper workshop, and radio gear is classified under "mess" by my long-suffering XYL!

Details of my professional endeavours as a physicist and engineer can be found here.